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Weilai has successfully developed heat-free materials

  • Author:Lu Qingqing
  • Source:www.xyglobal.com
  • Release on:2021-10-21
It is reported that Weilai has successfully verified and developed a heat-free material which can be used to make large-scale die castings. This is the first time that the material has been verified and applied to large-scale structural parts in a Chinese car company, and will be applied to the second generation of weilai platform models.

Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy die castings which need solid solution and aging heat treatment to meet the strength, durability and impact resistance required for the body performance, Weilai Partners to develop a new heat-free material, the dimension distortion and surface defects caused by heat treatment of traditional die castings are avoided, which makes it possible for large body die castings.