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We specialize in the 3D printer industry -custom 3d printer parts China

  • Author:Liwen
  • Source:Diecastingsupplier.com
  • Release on:2020-06-16
3D printing is currently in a period of rapid development,it has been able to meet the needs of most industrial applications; metal and plastic parts and finished products can be manufactured with the same performance as traditional manufacturing processes. The strength of metal parts is better than that of castings, which is slightly lower than forgings; For raw material preparation, all solderable metals can be used with 3D printing technology.About the ROI, 3D printing has already achieved economic benefits in high-value and high value-added industries such as aviation, aerospace, military, and medical.

The current problems of 3D printing technology are mainly high equipment cost, high raw material cost and low processing efficiency. The cost of current 3D printing for mass production is relatively high, but with the advancement of technology, the cost of 3D printing will be rapidly reduced in the future, and the performance will be greatly improved.

Many people have dreams of becoming inventors, but limited by various factors such as lack of hands-on ability and high cost, many beautiful ideas cannot be realized. However, with 3D printing, everyone can become an inventor.
It is conceivable that the threshold for 3D printing will be further reduced. It is really suitable for all kinds of people who want to be inventors. The golden age of 3D printing will really come. Are you ready?

XY-GLOBAL has been successfully manufacture precision components for 3D printer industry. As a supplier for 3d printing machine , we specialized in small to medium-size batches manufacturing processes ,it involving high production costs, especially tooling costs,technology consultation, suggestions of optimize production, the assembly of components . Hence we offer service as following:

Technology consultation and production-related design optimization
Feasibility studies and cost analysis
Suggestion for production-appropriate design
Suggestion for Process optimization to improve quality
Alternate production methods and materials
Material tests report and process simulation
Recommendations for optimum die and mold design

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