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The problem of blistering after electroplating of zinc alloy die-casting products

  • Author:Kerry
  • Release on:2022-09-24

First of all, it is clear whether the zinc alloy die casting is blistering or the coating is blistering. If the zinc alloy die casting is blistering, it may be the following problems:

1. Material impurities exceeding the standard, especially lead.

2. The surface of the product is definitely not fully qualified, there should be slight water marks and tiny bubbles. You can heat the workpiece to 150 degrees for 30 minutes to see if there is any problem. If the coating is blistered, it may be that the surface is not completely degreasing and waxing, or it may be that it has not been cleaned after pre-treatment, the zinc alloy die-casting is not completely dried before plating, or it may be that the zinc alloy die-casting has been placed for too long on the surface. oxidation.

It may still not be compacted, and the blister is hidden inside, although the surface is good, in addition, sometimes the absence of water marks does not mean that your runner must be good, and the mold temperature is too high to cover your water marks and density. Not good, but loose