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The origin of Qixi Festival

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  • Release on:2018-08-17
Today is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese lunar calendar, and the Chinese Valentine's Day is a traditional Chinese festival.
According to legend, a long time ago, Nanyang City West Niujiazhuang was a smart. The loyal young man, his parents died early, had to follow his brother’s nephew, and the nephew Markov was poisoned. He often abused him and forced him to do a lot of work. In the fall of the year, the blind man forced him to release the cow and give him nine cows. Let him wait for ten cows to go home, and the cowherd had no choice but to catch the cow out of the village.
The cowherd rushed the cow alone into the mountain. On the hills with deep grass and dense forest, he sat under the tree and was sad. He didn’t know when he could drive ten cows home. At this time, an old man who had to be white appeared. In front of him, he asked him why he was sad. When he learned about his experience, he smiled and said to him: "Don't be sad, there is a sick old cow in Funiu Mountain. You should feed it well, wait for the old cow to get sick. In the future, you can drive it home.
The cowherd climbed over the mountains and walked a long way. He finally found the sick old cow. When he saw that the old cow was very ill, he went to the old cow to bring a bundle of bales of grass and fed it for three days. When the old cow was full, he raised his head and told him that he was the gray ox in the sky. He was smashed by the sky and broke his leg and could not move. Your own injury needs to be washed with a hundred flowers of dew for a month. The cowherd is not afraid of hard work, carefully caring for the old cow for a month, collecting flowers for the old cows during the day to cure the wounds, sleeping at night with the old cows, to the old cows After the illness, the Cowherd happily rushed back to his home with ten cows.
After returning home, the nephew was still not good for him. He had to harm him several times. He was managed to save the old cow. The nephew finally became angry and drove the cowherd out of the house. The cowherd would follow the old cow.
One day, the weavers and the fairies of the heavens played games together and bathed in the river. The cowherd met the weaver girl with the help of the old cows. The two of them exchanged affection. Later, the weavers secretly went down to the world and became the wife of the cowherd. . The Weaver Girl also gave the silkworms from the sky to everyone, and taught everyone to raise silkworms, silk, and weave bright and bright satin.
After the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl got married, the men and women were weaving, and they were very affectionate. They gave birth to a man, a woman and two children. The family lived happily. However, the good times did not last long. This matter quickly made the Emperor know that the Queen Mother had personally brought her down, forcibly brought the Weaver Girl back to heaven, and the loving couple was dismantled.
The Cowherd has no way to go to heaven, or the old cow told the Cowherd. After it dies, it can be made into shoes with its skin, and it can be worn in heaven. In accordance with the words of the old cows, the cowherd wears shoes made of cowhide, and pulls his own children. Together with the clouds, he goes to chase the weavers in the sky. Seeing that it is going to catch up, I know that the mother-in-law’s singer’s golden slap on her head is a choppy Tianhe appeared, and the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl were separated on both sides of the strait, and they could only cry relatively. Their loyalty and love affected the magpies, and they only liked to fly and build a bridge to let the Cowherd and the Weavers walk on the bridge. The Queen Mother had no choice but to allow the two to meet at the bridge on July 7 each year.
Later, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, it was said that the girls would come to the front of the flower, look up at the stars, look for the Altair and the Vega on both sides of the Milky Way, hoping to see their annual meeting. I begged that God can make myself as ingenious as Weaver, and pray that I can have a happy marriage, which has formed China’s Chinese Valentine’s Day.

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