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The difference between MIM and PM

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  • Release on:2018-03-09

The difference between MIM and PM


We all know that powder metallurgy is the preparation of metal powders or the use of metal powders (or mixtures of metal powders and non-metallic powders) as raw materials, after forming and sintering, for the preparation of metal materials, composites Industrial technology for materials and various types of products. There are roughly two types of powder metallurgy parts: press molding and injection molding


1. Powder metallurgy requires powder injection molding technology:


The powder production process includes powder preparation, powder mixing and other steps. In order to improve the moldability and plasticity of the powder, plasticizers such as engine oil, rubber or wax are usually added. The injection-molded powder is pressed into a desired shape under a pressure of 15-600 MPa. There are many types of press molding, and in actual industrial applications, personal feel press molding is widely used. Cold closed steel mold pressing, cold isostatic pressing, hot isostatic pressing and warm pressing belong to press forming. Compression molding, filling with dry powder in the mold by gravity, extrusion molding by external pressure. Injection molding, using a very fine powder plus a large amount of thermoplastic adhesive injected into the mold. There are also two special powder metallurgy parts processing methods: powder forging and powder rolling.


2. Metal injection molding is a new powder metallurgy forming method :


Injection molding is a new type of powder metallurgy near-net-shaping technology that has emerged from the plastic injection molding industry. It is known that injection molding technology produces various complicated shapes at a low price. However, plastic products have low strength and can be improved in order to improve their performance. Metals or ceramic powders are added to plastics to give products with high strength and good abrasion resistance. In recent years, this idea has evolved to maximize solid particle content and to completely remove the binder and densify the compact during the subsequent sintering process. This new powder metallurgy forming method is called metal injection molding.


Powder injection molding is a new type of near-net forming technology that combines powder metallurgy technology with plastic injection molding technology and metal die-casting molding technology. It is generally used to produce products with smaller dimensions and complex shapes. Powder metallurgy and injection molding are complementary and are used according to the characteristics of the product..


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