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Test mode

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  • Release on:2018-04-04
Trial molds, or pressure test molds, or engineering test molds, are construction sites and laboratories of various institutions. Frequently used accessories for construction equipment are now divided into cast iron and plastic molds. Cast iron molds are durable and durable, but they have high recycling value, but the cost is slightly more expensive. Plastic molds are inexpensive to produce, but they are affected by the temperature of the air. Thermal expansion and contraction occur, resulting in slightly deviated test blocks. The labs, which are generally better, insist on using cast-iron test dies. However, due to their low prices, many construction sites like plastic test dies.
There are many types of test molds, including concrete test molds, mortar sand test molds, mortar test molds, impermeability test molds, flexural test molds, antifreeze test molds, unconfined tryout molds, anti-crack test molds, saturated surface test molds , Asphalt Marshall tryouts, and many more!
Trial mode refers to the test injection step that is carried out after the product is completed and before the mass production in the product development and manufacturing process. After all the parts have been assembled and assembled, it is necessary to pass the actual injection molding and obtain the injection molding samples, and then determine whether the production of the moldings completely meets the design requirements through sample inspection. If the injection molding sample completely meets the design requirements, it indicates that the mold can be produced without problems and can be put into batch injection molding production; otherwise, the mold remodeling should be performed according to the problem of sample feedback. Depending on the conditions of the changes in the mold, the mold test may be performed several times before the mass production until the mold completely corrects all the problems.