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  • Release on:2016-08-17
Central szekesfehervar is located in the southwest of Budapest Hungary, as the capital of the state of Fayel, the ninth largest city of hungary. In the time of 10 and sixteenth Century, the city was the capital of the kingdom of Hungary, the 37 kings and 39 queens were crowned, and the 15 rulers were buried here.

When you stroll in the old city of szekesfehervar, many interesting tourist destination will each show in front of you, the square of the city hall is our first stop, through the old streets and narrow alley can enjoy the city's most spectacular building --- szekesfehervar, and the most beautiful building --- the Bishop's palace. The oldest church in the city is St. Stephen's church, by Hungary's first king built in 1010, in the completion of the construction for Europe's most high-profile, the most worth mentioning is 37 king and 39 queen crowned here, 15 rulers buried in this.

Large and small and colorful museum is a major feature of szekesfehervar, including Toy Museum, szekesfehervar Museum, City Museum of szekesfehervar, Stephen King Museum, Museum of history and so on.