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Swedish police face allegations of cover up over mass sex assault

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  • Release on:2016-01-18
Sweden’s prime minister has condemned his country’s own version of the Cologne mass sexual assault allegations and alleged police cover-up, calling claims of similar events at a youth festival in Stockholm “a double betrayal” of women and a “big democratic problem”.

Swedish police promised an urgent investigation into the claims first reported by liberal newspaper Dagens Nyheter that a gang of youths — reportedly mostly from Afghanistan — groped and molested girls as young as 11 or 12 at the We Are Sthlm festival in both 2014 and 2015.

“We shall not close our eyes and look away. We need to deal with such a serious problem,” Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s centre-left prime minister, said on Monday.
The claims have not yet been confirmed. But as in Germany, where a mass sex assault allegedly took place in Cologne on New Year’s eve, a political storm has broken out in Sweden over the alleged cover-up. The Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration party that in recent months has periodically topped opinion polls, has led the criticism.

Referring to the cover-up allegations, Peter Agren, who was in charge of policing at the festival, was reported by Dagens Nyheter as saying: “This is a sore point. We sometimes dare not to say how it is because we think it might play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.”

Mattias Karlsson, head of the Sweden Democrats’ parliamentary group, called for Sweden’s police chief to resign.
In Sweden, Dagens Nyheter reported that an internal police report last year stated that “the problem of young men rubbing themselves up against young girls returned as in previous years”. But when Stockholm police made a public statement on the festival, it said there had been “relatively few crimes”.

About 50 youths, predominantly from Afghanistan according to Dagens Nyheter’s sources, were involved in sexual assaults that in one case constituted possible rape.
Dan Eliasson, Sweden’s national police commissioner, said he only learnt of the allegations late on Sunday. “But one thing is sure: I will ensure that this is investigated,” he added.

Sweden’s sexual assault statistics have long been under the spotlight, with claims that it has more reported rapes per capita than any other European country. Although several reasons are given, including how the statistics are reported, critics have argued that it is because of the large number of immigrants Sweden has received.

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