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Stainless steel product polishing overview

Stainless steel product polishing overview

kerry 2021-12-06 20:53:37

Stainless steel products are usually polished with a polishing wheel as a polishing tool. The polishing wheel is generally made of multiple layers of canvas, felt or leather. The two sides are clamped by metal circular plates, and the rim is coated with a polishing agent that is uniformly mixed with micronized abrasives and grease.
The polishing wheel is made of wood or special fine felt with uniform material and degreased treatment. Its movement track is a uniform and dense mesh. The surface roughness after polishing is not greater than Ra0.01 micron. Observe under a microscope with a magnification of 40 times. There are no surface defects.
During polishing, the high-speed rotating polishing wheel (circumferential speed above 20 m/s) is pressed against the workpiece, so that the abrasive can roll and micro-cut the surface of the workpiece, thereby obtaining a bright machined surface. The surface roughness can generally reach Ra0.63 ~0.01 micron; when non-greasy matting polishing agent is used, it can matte the bright surface to improve the appearance.

When mass production of bearing steel balls, barrel polishing is often used. During rough polishing, a large number of steel balls, lime and abrasives are placed in an inclined tank-shaped drum. When the drum rotates, the steel balls and abrasives are randomly rolled and collided in the drum to remove the surface bulge and reduce the surface roughness. Purpose, the margin of about 0.01 mm can be removed. In the fine polishing, steel balls and fur fragments are placed in the wooden barrel, and continuous rotation for several hours can obtain a dazzling and bright surface. The polishing of the precision wire ruler is carried out by immersing the processed surface in a polishing liquid. The polishing liquid is a mixture of chromium oxide powder with a particle size of W5~W0.5 and an emulsion.