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Spray paint

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  • Release on:2017-12-13
A man-made lacquer, made of nitrocellulose, resin, pigment, solvent and so on. Usually spray evenly sprayed on the surface of the object, water, oil resistance, dry fast, for paint cars, aircraft, wood, leather and so on. The substance is toxic, have a certain impact on the body, different brands of spray paint due to different levels of toxicity are different. Special care should be taken when using it to prevent inhalation and skin contact.

1, by type: manualSpray paintAnd automatic painting

2, by car paint varieties: alkyd paint, acrylic paint, water paint.

Standard painting, according to volume (European paintusa company standard) can be divided into 200ML and 400ml two different sizes of spray paint.

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UseCompressed airSpray the paint on the object to be coated (mainly including plastic, wood, metal)

2. Automatic painting, That is, the paint and gas sealed perfusion in the jar, easy to transport and save. Very easy to use.