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SGS report

SGS report

Memory www.xy-global.com 2017-10-31 15:26:53
SGS is the world's leading provider of inspection, certification, testing and certification, and is a globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark. SGS SGS Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. is the Swiss SGS Group and subordinate to the former State Quality and Technical Supervision of China Standard Technology Development Corporation jointly built in 1991, the joint venture company, "General Notary Bank" and "Standard Measurement Bureau" first word , In China set up more than 50 branches and dozens of laboratories, with more than 12,000 well-trained professionals. SGS's service capabilities cover upstream and downstream supply chains in agriculture, minerals, petrochemicals, industry, consumer goods, automotive, life sciences and many other industries. In recent years, we in the environment, new energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon areas of continuous innovation, forge ahead, committed to professional testing and certification services to promote economic, environmental and social harmony and win for the global enterprises, governments and institutions to provide the whole Position sustainable development solution.

Provide a full range of audit and training services, which cover:

ISO 9001
(Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety, Health and Safety),

BS EN16001, ISO27001, SA8000, ISO26000, BS 25999 (Business Continuity Management), ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification), PAS 2050 (Carbon (ISO), ISO 10002 (Complaint Management System), Integrated Management System, ISO / TS 16949 (Automotive Industry Quality Management System), ISO50001 (Energy Management System)

Food industry: ISO22000, FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC, GlobalGAP, HACCP, SQF, GMP

Aviation industry: AS 9100, EN 9100, AS 9110

Medical equipment: ISO 13485, CE Directives, Local Regulatory Schemes

Pharmaceuticals: GMP Audit Solutions

Cosmetics: ISO 22716, GMP-c

Forest: FSC, PEFC CoC Chain of Custody, FM Forest Management

Logistics & amp ;; Transportation: TAPA FSR / TSR (Logistics Safety, Transportation Safety); ISO 28000 (Supply Chain Security Management); C-TPAT (US Anti-

IT: ISO20000

Petrochemical industry: ISO29000

Electronics Industry: IECQ HSPM QC 0 80000, ESD, EUP, EICC, RHOS, RS2

Telecommunications Industry: TL 9000

Railway industry: IRIS

Financial sector: ISO 22222