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Quadratic measurement

  • Author:Memory
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2018-02-28
The second element measuring instrument, also called the second element measuring instrument, or video measuring instrument and video measuring machine, is used to measure the size of the product and the mold, or to measure the shape of the measured element tolerances, such as position , Concentricity, straightness, profile, roundness and the size of the reference and so on, the second element is mainly used for thinner products (such as shrapnel) and smaller two-dimensional surface inspection of flat products or other parts of the two-dimensional projection detection.
1) Measure any geometric dimensions in the plane, including diameter, radius, length, angle, width, height, depth, point-to-point distance, point-to-line distance,

2) with parts photo feature, you can more intuitive comparison

3) The software can analyze the measured data at any time

4) The measurement data can be directly imported into Word, Excel for analysis

5) Automatic edge-finding function, making measurement faster and more precise

6) shortcut key function, allows the operator to quickly and easily measure

7) Can be saved as DXF format, seamlessly transfer data with AutoCAD software

8) can be edited directly in AutoCAD, the use of measurement results to deal with more convenient and faster.