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QPQ surface treatment

QPQ surface treatment

Memory Www.xy-global.com 2018-04-17 16:09:53
QPQ processing, which is an abbreviation of Quench-Polish-Quench. Refers to the ferrous metal parts into two different salt baths, through a variety of elements infiltrated into the metal surface to form a composite layer, so as to achieve the purpose of modifying the surface of the parts. It has not been quenched, but has reached the surface quenching effect, so called QPQ at home and abroad. The latest improved process is called photonitrification. The advantage of this process over QPQ is that it is not deformed at all, it has higher hardness, deeper depth, higher efficiency, no need of polishing, high nitriding accuracy, non-standard and large parts.
The following table shows some examples of QPQ process applications on typical parts:

No. Category Application

1 High-speed steel cutter Various HSS drills, milling cutters, broaches, gear cutters, increase the service life l-4 times, especially for difficult-to-machine materials, the effect is particularly prominent

2 Arbor and cutter body Various cutters Arbors and cutters improve their wear resistance, scratch resistance, and no deformation, which satisfies the requirements of positioning and precision, and has strong rust resistance.

3 Die Suitable for various die casting molds, injection molds, extrusion molds, rubber molds, glass molds, etc., to significantly increase the service life of the mold and improve the surface finish of the parts being machined.

4 Automotive Parts Valves, crankshafts, camshafts, gears, gas spring piston rods, shock absorber rods, differential mounts, spherical pins, and dozens of other parts have been used for many years, with significant results.

5 Sports Equipment Golf First Class, Products Directly Exported to European and American Markets

6 Textile Machinery 7 Switch Parts 8 Printing Machinery 9 Sealing Machinery Various Valves, Shaft Parts

10 Power Tool Parts 11 Construction Machinery Parts 12 Camera Parts Shutters, Locks, etc.