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Production process preparation and precautions of die casting aluminum parts

  • Author:GAO JUNYI
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-08
During the casting process of die-casting aluminum parts, it is easy to produce internal porosity, shrinkage cavity, air hole and other defects. After machining, the surface dense layer parts of these castings with defects are removed, so that the internal tissue defects are exposed. For automotive die-casting aluminum parts with sealing requirements, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, brake valve body, etc., during the pressure seal test, the existence of defective micropores will lead to the leakage of sealing medium and a large number of waste products, and these defects are often found only after pressure test after machining, resulting in a serious waste of man hours, raw materials and energy. In order to solve the problem of high scrap rate of automotive die-casting aluminum parts and save the castings that may be scrapped due to the above defects, certain treatment measures should be taken in production. At present, the most commonly used technology is infiltration treatment, that is, plugging.