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Principles that enterprises should follow in the process of implementing informatization

  • Author:Zhang Yuer
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-11
Engineering principle enterprise informatization involves all aspects inside and outside the enterprise, and itself is a complex system engineering. Therefore, in the implementation, it should be implemented in accordance with the engineering principles, clarify the objectives and needs, determine the implementation content and implementation mode, formulate the implementation plan and progress, start with solving the bottleneck problem of enterprise production and operation, pay attention to actual results, and adopt advanced and mature technology. Integration principle enterprise informatization includes multiple information technologies, involves various business fields of the enterprise, and is often composed of multiple subsystems. Such as CAD, CAPP, cam, MIS, FMS, PDM and other systems, only by integrating these systems, optimizing configuration and working together, can we give full play to the overall advantages of enterprise information system. Because an enterprise includes various application systems, some systems are not highly automated and need human intervention, and some functions are even completely completed manually, the integration mentioned here includes automation system, semi automation system and human integration.

The purpose of sharing principle informatization is to improve the overall benefits of enterprises, which depends on the coordinated application of various functions of enterprises. The sharing of information resources is the guarantee for the coordination of various functions of enterprises. Only by realizing the sharing of information resources can enterprises realize rapid business decision-making and improve their competitiveness.