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Papi Jiang Earned 12 Million RMB Investment-The Cewebrities of the Age of We-Media

  • Author:Lorna Chan
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-03-21
  Recently,the news of Papi Jiang earned 12 million investment has occupied the major media's headlines.The investment was joint invested by the ZhenFund , Luoji Siwei (Logical Thinking), GuangYuan Capital and XingTu Capital i.This issue has aroused hot debate- not only for the added value brought by cewebrities, but also raises the focus of the vlue that caused byWe-Media.The videos that made by PapiJiang  belong to excessive entertainment. Simple videos, but it can catch people's eye.  This seemingly rough and simple videos base on ddaily life and  the topic is a hot topic, so it can easly acceptable by people.

  In We-Media ages, everyone can become a ewebrity. But it is difficult to be continued concerned by peoples. It isn't just need a newest style but also a good cintent. It can be entertainment , also can be useful.PapiJiang ,who self-proclaimed sheself a beauty and talent  woman, is open and fealess. The video she made is both entertainment and serious. After people laugh, we also could learn something. Even a passers-by ,after watching her videos can become a fan.

  In We-Media ages, the cost of entertainment is low. The  form are new. The tall can be a High-end , also a public taste. Its value is reflected in the form of simple, but the content can be high-end.In this era of rapid development, people need a media of convenience, entertainmence and learning  to enrich themselves. PapiJiang, seized this demand, coupled with the uniqueness of the individual,so that she not only won the eyesight of people, but also won appreciation. The ages are in fast progress, the form should keep the pace with the changes.However, the high demand for content will never change. As We-Media, the form cold be simple, but the content could be high-end.

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