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Main content of CNC machining process

  • Author:Bai Yihan
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-14
CNC machiningThe programming method has a manual (manual) programming and automatic programming. Hand-programming, the entire contents of the program are written by the instruction format specified in the CNC system. Automatic programming, computer programming, can be divided into automated programming methods based on language and painting. However, no matter what kind of automated programming method, there is a need for hardware and software.
It can be seen that the implementation of CNC machining program is key. However, the optical programming is not possible, and the number of control processing also includes a series of preparations that must be done before programming, and the post-programming work. Generally, the CNC machining process is mainly included as follows:
(1) Select and determine part and content of CNC machining;
(2) Process analysis of numerical control processing on part drawings;
(3) Process design of CNC machining;
(4) Mathematical treatment of part drawings;
(5) Write a processing order;
(6) Make a control medium according to the order;
(7) The verification and modification of the program;
(8) First test processing and on-site problem;
(9) CNC machining process documents.