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White kiosk - the biggest drop waterfall tours

White kiosk - the biggest drop waterfall tours

Jack Zou www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-08-22 14:33:09
     Here there is a gap 428.5 waterfall waterfalls white narcissus, is mainland China's largest waterfall drop, known as "magnificent emerald Tropic of Cancer."
     From the foot to the top of the hill, built in the hilly Baishuizhai line is known as "the first days of the South Ossetia," the mountaineering trails. It spans three mountains, connecting the two Tianchi, a total length of 6.6 km, a total of 9999 stone steps, the peak elevation of 1088 m.
     On a hydrophilic swimming under the waterfall trail walk, is close to a natural waterfall near cents more relaxed way. Hydrophilic trail entrance and the "day of the first South Ossetia," the No. 2 9 9 phase, through to the first 1299-level waterfalls Taiwan, length 666 meters, is a natural boardwalk. Walk on, visitors can while overlooking the waterfall of white narcissus elegant beauty, while the front row, either gurgling water like a lively and cheerful note at the foot jump like torrents.
     We XY-GLOBAL family go out together, close nature.