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Injection molding machine

  • Author:Huang Lizhi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-16

The injection molding machine is also known as a molding machine or a syringe. It is the main molding apparatus for making thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into a plastic product of various shapes using plastic molding molds. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-in-electric. The injection molding machine can be heated to apply a high pressure to the molten plastic to emit it to the mold cavity.

Injection molding machines have the ability to be complex, size, accurate or metal inserts, are widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, cultural and educational health and People live in every field in everyday life. The plastic industry has developed rapidly, and the injection molding machine has an important role in quantity or variety, and its total production is 20% - 30% of the entire plastic molding equipment, which has become the fastest growing and most large amount of plastic machinery. one.

The injection molding machine robot is a partial function of the human upper limb, which can automatically control it automatically produce automated production equipment for production operations in accordance with the predetermined requirements. China Plastics Processing Factory in Coastal, South China, has shown increasingly interested interest in robots, but the injection molding machine robot has a penetration rate of less than 10% in the domestic plastic engine industry. Manipulator ensures consistency of operation cycles, improves quality, and safer. With the agile development of the plastics processing industry in China, the degree of automation of injection molding equipment is also higher and higher. Modern injection molding machines are often configured with robots to increase production efficacy. China's exports and import injection molding machines are basically flat, all of which are about 15,000, but imports are $ 920 million, with an export value of $ 350 million. Precision injection molding machine is mainly foreign brands, two-way stretching PETs, membrane units, and precision medical catheter extruders in extrusion equipment, have always been the territory of foreign companies. It is necessary to develop domestic precision injection and extrusion equipment with independent intellectual property rights. On the one hand, it can replace imports, and China can make China occupying a place in the high-end market in the international plastics machinery. Traditional plastic machinery also has certain potential in energy conservation, because the conventional design often only focuses on the production capacity of stand-alone. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, production speed is not the most important indicator, the most important indicator is the energy consumption of the mass weight product. Therefore, the mechanical structure, control mode, and operational process conditions must be performed on the minimum energy consumption.

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