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  • Author:June
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-12-24
Extrusion: Under the action of three-way uneven compressive stress, the blank is extruded from the orifice or gap of the die to reduce the cross-sectional area and increase the length. The processing method to become the required product is called extrusion. This processing of the blank is called Extrusion.

Process flow:

Preparation before extrusion→heating of casting rod→extrusion→stretching and twisting straightening→saw cutting (fixed-length)→sampling inspection→artificial aging→packing and warehousing


1. Wide production range, many product specifications and varieties;

2. Large production flexibility, suitable for small batch production;

3. The product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality;

4. The equipment investment is small, the plant area is small, and it is easy to realize automatic production.


1. Large loss of geometric waste;

2. Uneven metal flow;

3. Low extrusion speed and long auxiliary time;

4. Large tool wear and high cost.

Scope of production: Mainly used for manufacturing long rods, deep holes, thin-walled, and special-shaped cross-section parts.