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English common business customer reception

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-03-25

1.Excuse me. Are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics?
2.Yes, I am. And you must be Mr. Takeshita.              
3.Pardon me. Are you Ralph Meyers from National Fixtures?  
4.I'm Dennis. I am here to meet you today.               
5.I'm Donald. We met the last time you visited Taiwan.      
6.I'm Edwin. I'll show you to your hotel.                
7.How was your flight? Was it comfortable?            
8.It was quite good. But it was awfully long.              
9.Did you have a good flight?
10.Not really, I'm afraid. We were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather.    
11.How was your flight?
12.Did you get any sleep on the plane?
13.Mr. Wagner, do you have a hotel reservation?
14.No, I don't. Will it be a problem?
15.I don't think so. I know several convenient hotels. Let me make some calls.
16.I've made a reservation at the hotel you used last time.
17.We've booked a Western-style room for you.
18.Let's go to the station to get a train into town.
19.Does it take long to get into Taibei from here?
20.It's about an hour.
21.We'll get a taxi from the station.
22.There's a shuttle bus we can use.
23.I've brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel.
24.You must be hungry. Shall we get something to eat?
25.That sounds good. Let's get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.
26.Would you like to have some dinner?
27.What would you like to eat?
28.Can I take you out to dinner? It"ll be my treat.
29.If you're hungry, we can eat dinner now. 
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