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  • Release on:2018-05-02
StriPPIng mold refers to a series of operations for removing a steel ingot from an ingot mold.

The time from injecting the steel ingot to demoulding is called the delivery time of the steel ingot from the completion of pouring the last one (beginning disc) steel ingot to the first one before the mold is released (uncapped). Calm steel ingots require all the solidification of the ingot body to start to remove the insulating cap, and the solidified layer of the semi-static steel ingot and boiling steel ingot can be released to a certain thickness.

The delivery time of various steel ingots in the mold depends on the solidification speed or complete solidification time of the steel ingot, and can be determined empirically or experimentally. Small steel mills produce steel ingots with a unit weight of less than 3 tons. Generally, demoulding operations are carried out with a demolition (ingot) jig or spreader attached to a general overhead crane. A steel plant that produces large steel ingots by a car injection method uses a stripping (ingot) machine operation in the stripping span.

Commonly used demoulding machines are bridge (or semi-gantry type, above-ground running) demoulding cranes, and some steel mills are equipped with ground (fixed) demoulding devices. The working capacity of the bridge demoulding crane is generally represented by the force demoulding capability, free demoulding (lifting) capability and auxiliary hook lifting capacity. According to the weight of the steel ingot selection demoulding machine, can refer to the following empirical formula: