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Company Meeting

  • Author:Xutiange
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-13
The meeting combined with the current situation of the company, on how to enter the new field, open up new markets;
How to think of ways to make changes, claims, how to speed up the project settlement, project money recovery; How to improve the project management ability; How to retain talents and other four major topics for intense discussion, participants in a serious and responsible attitude, from the actual situation of the company, speak freely, give advice, and plan the company's bright future together.
The meeting also selected 2021 year advanced collective, advanced individual, advanced class, commended them, affirmed their work, called on everyone to learn from them, thus mobilizing the enthusiasm of the staff, the work of the class. The conference, always through the pragmatic spirit, permeated with a strong democratic atmosphere, this is a unity and democracy, pool wisdom of the conference, will guide and encourage the company's staff to innovation, firm and persistent spirit, create a more brilliant tomorrow.