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Chinese New Year customs

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-01-13
     Chinese New Year is the day blow away the cobwebs, although the Chinese New Year set in lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year activities but they are not limited to the first day that day. From the small New Year from 12th month, 23 (or 24), people began to "busy Years": sweep houses, shampoo bath, appliances, etc. to prepare the New Year, all of these activities, there is a common theme, namely, "New Year."

Chinese New Year Festival also wish pray day, the ancients called a cooked millet as a "year", the grain harvest for the "great years." Western Zhou Dynasty, had emerged to celebrate the annual harvest activities. Later, pray Heaven became one of the main elements of vulgar; moreover, such as kitchen, goalkeeper, Wealth, like God, God and other well Zhulu gods, during the Spring Festival, we are prepared to enjoy human incense. It rewards people take care of the gods past, and pray that the new year to get more bliss.

Spring Festival, or family reunion, London pro Sizu day. New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered, something to eat, "reunion dinner", elders give children distribute "lucky money", a group of people sit "stay up." Yuan days upon delivery in time, loud firecrackers Qi, the old year, New Year's events amounted to a climax. Various incense Sincerely, King of heaven and earth, offering fathers, followed by New Year to elders, relatives and friends with the family and then exchanged congratulations.

Spring Festival is the public entertainment carnival festival. Mongol later, a variety of colorful entertainment rushed to carry out: a lion, dragon dance, dancing, walking on stilts, juggling various drama, etc., to add a strong New Year festive atmosphere.

Therefore, it sets pray, celebrate, entertainment festival Spring Festival has become the nation's most solemn festival. But today, in addition to other activities than ever Sishen worship is fading, major customs Spring Festival, all in good condition can be inherited and development. [1]