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Cherish your time

  • Author:Edith
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-07-24
Someone said time is the ingredient of life. Another saying does like this: time is like the water in sponge, if you squeeze, you can always get some. All mottos warn us the importance of the time. Indeed the time flies like the arrow and never comes back.

Maybe you have ever watched this film: the time traveler’s wife. It also unfolds by the topic of time and loss. Meanwhile at music lots of people still ease their sentimental feeling about the merciless time. For the universe, the time is unlimited. But there is no doubt that it is definitely limited for the human kind. No one will deny that human is too small compared with the infinite space of the universe.

However, the world is beautiful because of all the living creatures, man included. We should make the best use of the limited lifetime to realize our expectations as much as possible and live a high-quality life. Perhaps we can’t add the length of life, but we can fulfill it to add its width. 2014 has gradually faded away from us. If you are still I deep sorrow for the past time, you will miss out the beautiful future.

So from now on, cherish your time! Let’s begin from the 2015 weekly desk calendar to learn cherishing every second. Once owning it, you will feel the pressed for time. Proper pressure is the best motive power in a way. Then we can ensure the quality and efficiency of our life and work.

Cherish your time and live to the full!