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At least 1500 protests against the Philippines hero funeral

  • Author:July
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-08-23

BBC News – At least 1,500 people haveprotested in the Philippines against plans to move the body of disgraced formerPresident Ferdinand Marcos to the National Heroes' Cemetery in Manila.President Rodrigo Duterte decided last week it could be transferred fromMarcos' home city of Batac.

President Marcos brutally repressed dissentuntil he was overthrown in 1986. Protesters say a "hero's" burialwould be a "grave injustice" to his victims. Demonstrators assembledin heavy rain at the seaside Rizal Park in Manila carrying banners calling onMr Duterte to reconsider.

Marcos' embalmed body is on display inBatac. Burial in the capital could take place in September. Senator RisaHontiveros, among those taking part in the protest, has put forward a senateresolution opposing the move, describing Marcos as an "unrepentant enemyof our heroes".

Marcos was elected in 1965, but declaredmartial law in 1972 heralding a period characterised by corruption, killings,torture and abductions by the military. He and his wife Imelda were deposed inwhat became known as the People Power Revolution.

Mr Duterte won a landslide election in May,promising a "bloody war" on crime and corruption. Crime fell duringhis two decades as mayor of Davao City but human rights groups say more than1,000 people were killed at the hands of death squads.

Mr Duterte has defended his decision onMarcos, saying he should be buried at the National Heroes' Cemetery because he"was a Filipino soldier".

Most of the 40,000 people laid to rest inthe cemetery are from the military, but correspondents say that militaryregulations exclude those who have been dishonourably discharged.