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Assembly line

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  • Release on:2018-04-18
In the circulation processing system, the product moves slowly and new items are added to the assembly process to complete the assembly of the finished product.

Popular names: assembly line, assembly line, assembly line
The role of the assembly line

First, equipment utilization is high. After a group of machine tools were assembled into the assembly line, the output of the machine tool was several times higher than that of the machine tool when it was distributed in separate machines.

Second, about 80% reduction in products.

Third, the production capacity is relatively stable. The automatic processing system is composed of one or more machine tools. In the event of a fault, it has the ability to degrade operation. The material conveying system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tool by itself.
Assembly line
Assembly line

Fourth, the product quality is high. During the processing of the parts, the loading and unloading are completed once, the processing accuracy is low, and the processing form is stable.