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Aluminum alloy material

  • Author:Bai Yihan
  • Source:Www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-10-20
The aluminum alloy is an alloy to add a certain amount of other alloying elements in aluminum, which is one of the light metal materials.In addition to the general characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloys has some specific characteristics of the alloy due to the different types and quantities of the addition of alloying elements.The density of the aluminum alloy is 2.63 ~ 2.85g / cm, with high strength (σb is 110 ~ 650MPa), which is close to high alloy steel, which is more than steel than steel, has good casting performance and plastic processing performance, good conductive , Thermally conductive performance, good corrosion resistance and solderability, can be used in structural materials,There is a wide range of applications in aerospace, aviation, transportation, construction, electromechanical, mild, and daily necessities. Aluminum alloy is divided into deformable aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy in its ingredients and processing methods.The deformation aluminum alloy is to cast alloy binding into a billet, and a plastic deformation process is carried out, and various plastic processing articles are made by rolling, extrusion, stretching, forging, etc.The cast aluminum alloy is a blank that directly casts a variety of components with sand molds, iron molds, melt and die-castings, and the like.