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Advantages of precision parts processing

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-01-25

The advanced machining skill in today's machinery manufacturing industry is precision machining, which inputs the CNC program of the machined part into the CNC machine tool, and the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece after receiving the CNC program. CNC machining skills can effectively solve the complex, small and medium-sized batch of hardware parts, and meet the needs of modern production.

When roughing CNC non-standard parts, a larger tool should be used, and a large amount of workpiece allowance should be quickly cut off in the high power of the machine tool to roughen the fine parts. The principle of knife selection is mainly to consider whether the chamfered arc surface of the product is too small. After selecting the knives, the knife length is determined. In principle, the tool length should be greater than the machining depth.

The specific advantages of precision parts processing:

1. High yield

As an industrial product, non-standard parts processing has a high yield in the entire industrial production field and can meet the needs of many factories. When producing an industrial product, people tend to think about its output first. A relatively high product yield actually means that the product has a relatively low rate of damage during production, that is, some defective products are better than others, and most are better finished products.

2. High production efficiency

Different from general industrial products, the production efficiency of non-standard parts processing is relatively high. So now many factories have been put into operation one after another. Because if the production efficiency of a product is relatively high, it means that the production cost of this product will be relatively low.

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