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A new antidote to stress

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-03-27
If you’re away from home, feeling a bit blue or searching for some comfort, the Danes have a solution. It’s called "hygge," and it’s becoming a sensation around the globe.

Emerging from Danish culture, but popularized by the British in 2016, hygge is much more than just a word. It is a whole world of customs and behaviors designed to make people feel good together.

The hygge concept is hard to define. It refers to the sense of well-being you get when your family is gathered together at new year or Christmas. It is all about the pleasant sensations of home: the scents of your mother’s cooking, your partner’s arm around your shoulder, a warm mug of tea in your hand and so on.

If you want to feel what hygge is like, light a few candles and settle in for a cozy evening on the sofa, perhaps listening to some soft music.

Hygge is an antidote to stress. It is impossible to measure, but you know when you’ve got it because a gentle warmth starts spreading through your body.

Another important part of hygge is that it does not involve modern technology. It’s a digital detox designed to relax your exhausted mind and eyes. So, put down that smartphone and turn off the computer. They are definitely not hygge.

What you need to do if you want to get down with the Danes is to imagine yourself back in an earlier time, sitting in front of a blazing fire and listening to your granddad tell a story as the smell of something delicious wafts in from the kitchen. Imagine the restful calm and peace.

You should also know that hygge is not about healthy eating or frenzied exercise regimes. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You’re supposed to indulge in a little bit of what you fancy: some naughty-but-nice treats. So, sugary snacks and calorie-laden cakes are in.

Let yourself be carried on a wave of nostalgia back to your birthplace, and remember with a smile the old nursery rhymes and childhood songs of your distant youth. If it helps, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and cuddle up with one of your favorite books (not a tablet or e-reader).

If Denmark seems too remote, then think of old Beijing with its hutong and courtyard houses. Picture yourself huddled around a traditional stove with your loved ones, munching on dumplings and chatting about the old days.

Let yourself drift back in time to a period where nothing is urgent, and there is no need to respond to any e-mails or text messages. They did not exist back then.

Now you’ve really understood hygge without even having to set foot in Copenhagen.

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