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3D printer models simple introduction

  • Author:Wang Xueqi
  • Source:www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-11-11

1, Prusa I3

PRUSA I3 is referred to as: I3. This is the oldest model, no one. The most obvious feature is that the Y-axis movement is achieved before and after the print platform. The nozzle moves around the X axis. The entire X-axis up and down movement realizes the Z-axis movement. Z axis two motors.

2, Delta

Delta is also known as Delta. Also called a parallel arm. The Delta is relatively simple. The print surface is good, the print speed is fast. But the print rectangle is prone to problems. The spatial utilization is relatively low.

3, XYZ

This structure is a relatively stable model. Debug is relatively simple. Suitable for large machines. The most obvious feature of XYZ is that the X-axis motor is fixed on the X axis. The Y-axis moves along with the X-axis motor. The y is inertia, and it is not running. Print speed is fast, easy to lose.

4, um

UM is full of Ultimaker, is also a structure name. UM2 is the second generation. Also called a cross shaft. UM's XY motor is fixed to the chassis. The structure is more complicated, and the parts are relatively high. Since the motor is installed on the chassis, the printing speed is fast and the accuracy is relatively high.

5, hbot

The HBOT structural space utilization is high, relatively stable. However, the Y-axis movement of the HBOT structure is moved by a corner of a motor pulling X-axis. The force that rotates the x-axis is generated. When the print speed is slow, it is not obvious, but the print speed is fast.

6, Core XY

The Core XY structure is very similar to the HBOT structure. Many newcomers are unclear. The Core XY structure is high, and the X-axis is relatively light. Can be printed quickly. However, it can only be driven by belt, and cannot be driven by a screw.