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Strategic Value axis CNC machine tools

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-08-27
Equipment manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of a country, it provides important tools for the new technology, new product development and modern industrial production, is an indispensable strategic industry. Even the developed industrialized countries, but also all highly valued. In recent years, along with the need for rapid development of national economy and national defense construction, for high-end CNC machine tools we made a lot of urgent needs. Machine is a symbol of national manufacturing levels. And represents the highest state of the machine tool manufacturing axis CNC machine tool system, in a sense, reflected the level of industrial development situation of a country. For a long time, the US-led Western industrialized countries, has been the axis CNC machine tool system as an important strategic materials, export license system.

Especially during the Cold War, to China, the former Soviet Union and other socialist bloc blockade embargo. Military loving friends may know the famous "Toshiba incident": the end of the century, Japan's Toshiba Corp. to sell the former Soviet Union a few five-axis CNC milling machine, and the result of the former Soviet Union for the manufacture of submarine propulsion propeller, on a couple of notches, butterfly ship between the US less than a submarine sonar listening sound, so the United States in violation of the strategic materials Toshiba embargo to punish Toshiba Corporation. Thus, the five-axis CNC machine tool system for a country of aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, etc. industry, has a significant influence. Now, it was generally believed that axis CNC machine tool system is the only means to solve the impeller blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotor, turbine rotors, machining of large diesel engine crankshaft etc.

So, whenever people in the design, development of complex surfaces encountered that can not solve the problem, they often turn to for help axis CNC system. Since the axis CNC machine tool system is very expensive, plus the NC program production more difficult, so difficult five-axis system "civilian" applications. But in recent years, as computer-aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system achieved a breakthrough development, a number of Chinese companies Shanxing NC companies have launched axis CNC machine tool system, breaking the foreign technology blockade, the occupation of this strategic industry the highest point, and greatly reduce the cost of their application, so that China's equipment manufacturing industry ushered in a new era!

With information technology as the representative of the development of modern science of the equipment manufacturing industry into a strong power, but also made it more requirements, more prominent mechanical equipment manufacturing high-tech industries as a carrier in the promotion of the whole society and technological progress and industrial upgrade fundamental role irreplaceable. As economic growth and technological upgrading of the driving force, to five-axis as a symbol of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry will be accompanied by the development of high-tech and emerging industries and common progress. China not only do big manufacturing country in the world, but to do the world's manufacturing powerhouse! Expected in the near future, with the popularization of the axis CNC machine tool system, bound for China to become the world's most powerful lay a solid foundation!