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The three happy brothers

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-04-20
There were three brothers.They each decided1 to find a precious treasure and meet a year later.
One year later, the three brothers gathered again. They each boasted about the treasure they had.
The oldest brother brought a telescope. "I found a telescope which can see far away."
The second brother brought a flying carpet." I found a flying carpet that can be anywhere."
The third brother said." I found an apple that cures all diseases."
The brothers were amazed at the treasures they found. "Let's see what we can do with our treasures now." The brothers all nodded.
The oldest brother looked through his telescope and saw a palace in the distance. A princess was lying in bed sick. The second opened his carpet and said. "Let's ride this carpet and go to the palace." The three brothers went to the palace on the flying carpet to save the sick princess.
The three brothers met the king and told him why they had some. The king said. "Howcommendable2. If you cure the princess, I will let one of you marry the princess." The youngest brother gave the princess the apple he found..
The princess had been sick for a long time, but with one bite of the apple, she was cured.
The king hugged the princess with joy. "Okay, as promised,one of you can marry the princess." The brothers each wanted the other to marry the princess. No matter how pretty and princess was, the brothers thought their loyalty3 was more important.
The king was moved and gave them gold and silver and high positions. The three brothers lived happily ever after.

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