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network buzzwords of 2014

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2015-03-25

1.Rich and Bitch
Have you noticed that so many people claimed themselves “rich and bitch” in friends circle and Sina weibo. What a “malicious” world! The buzzword originates from a real event: In April, Mr. Liu spent 1760 yuan online buying a health care product. Soon after, he got calls from a stranger who persuade him to buy other matched medicines. In the following four months, Mr. Liu remitted a total of 540,000 yuan to the swindler. He said that he had already found himself cheated when he was fooled out of 70,000 yuan. "I just wanted to see how much could they take from me!"

2.Are you kidding me?
The father of the buzzword can be traced back to Linghu Chong, a character in Jin Yong’s “Swordsman”. He satirizes others’ flattering by saying "The moment I see those who flatter me would I feel so uncomfortable as if I were drunk。” Then a group of DOTA players often use this phrase. No matter one’s skill is good or bad, they will say “Are you kidding me?”

3.It’s so beautiful that I’m too scared to open it.
This is another joke in which unsightly things are intended to be good-looking. The buzzword comes from a sentence of Jolin’s song "Prague Square", which was extended to describe weird things. For example, when you see a very shocking picture, you can use this sentence to express the visual or psychological impact.

4.I just want to be a quiet and handsome man.
This phrase comes from the mini-drama "never expected." In one episode, Tang Monk rescued the Monkey King from under Five Elements Mountain and they embarked on a pilgrimage to the West to obtain Buddhist scriptures. The director who plays the monk has a catchphrase—"I still want to be a quiet and handsome man.”This phrase is often used by ugly and thick boys for self-ridicule.

5.So the question is……
"So the question is…" is derived from the advertising of Lanxiang Vocational school. In October, Zhang Le, a member of NetEase comment zone, deliberately commented with a long story in a news thread. At the end of the story there would be a sentence: So the question is: which is the strongest in Excavator Technology? Then after the screenshots of the thread was posted to the microblogging and friends circle, it has been widely reproduced, which make the ad of Lanxiang popular again.

6.It is to be cherished.
On March 31, 2014, Ma Yili responded to Wen Zhang’s cheating on Sina Weibo. It reads as follows: Being in love is easy, being married is not. It is to be cherished. Soon many Internet users began to make sentences with this pattern. For example, “Eating is easy, losing weight is not. It is to be cherished.”

7.No zuo, no die.
The pattern of “contract for fishpond”, which comes from the TV play “Boss & Me” is also on the list. The boss Zhang Han said, “I want the whole world knows that you have contacted the fishpond,” with Zhao Liying in his arms. “Sb. work so hard” was a very simple word of mouth. After Cao Ge mentioned it many times in Where Are We Going, Dad?, the expression has been widely spread on the Internet. Besides, how can “no zuo no die” be excluded from the top 10 buzzwords of 2014?

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