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Hungary Introduction

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  • Release on:2015-03-13
Hungary Introduction

Hungarian , Chinese ancient name Mazar children , is a landlocked country in central Europe , with Austria,
Slovakia , Ukraine, Romania, Serbia , Croatia and Slovenia border , as in January 2014 , the country's total
population of 987.9 million people, the capital of Budapest . The official language is Hungarian, which is a
non- Indo-European language in Europe 's most widely used。

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe , located in the alluvial plain of the Danube , yard, the western Alps
, the northeastern part of the Carpathians . The famous Danube inflow from southern Slovakia , Hungary , the
Hungarian part of it just to the east and west in two parts. Hungary resource-poor , but beautiful mountains and
rivers , building magnificent. Mediterranean climate throughout the year by the Atlantic warm and cool.

Hungarian economic development, higher per capita living standards , since Eastern Europe , Hungary 's rapid
economic development . By 2012, per capita GDP in Hungary according to the international exchange rate has
reached $ 12,700 , which has reached the moderately developed countries. Purchasing power parity terms, Hungary
's GDP per capita has reached $ 20,000 . Hungarian Dances by people around the world love.

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