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Austrian Foreign status

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  • Release on:2015-03-07

Austrian Foreign status

In 2004 , the Austrian foreign relations stable. Austrian adhere to EU diplomatic backing, actively promote and deepen the EU 's eastward expansion , vigorously consolidate and develop relations with Central and Eastern European countries. After the EU enlargement in May , the Austrian frontier from old Cold War and the EU eastern borders turn into the heart of Europe. Today Austrian diplomacy has more to do with diplomatic ties with the EU as a whole , in international affairs , especially in the matter of the overall interests of the Austrian and European Union issues , must be harmonized with the EU.

Austria actively seeking to strengthen relations with neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe to promote regional cooperation with neighboring countries in Eastern Europe , maintaining stability in the region , to create a good political and economic environment for their development. In addition. Austria is also actively expanding with the United States , Russia and Great Power Relations. The EU and the US Olympic advocate eliminating differences and establish a new equal partnership. Meanwhile , Austria also actively promote the development of long-term stability of the EU and Russia strategic partnership.

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