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Stamping processing

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-25
Stamping Process:
1 , curling
Curling is a step closer to the edge rolled into a closed circle of a stamping process. Curling round the axis of the linear shape. 
2 , roll edge
Roll edge is rolled into a catchy hollow near the edge of the closed circle of a stamping process.
3 , drawing
Drawing is the straight pieces of wool or process into a curved shape of a stamping process , rely mainly on the extension of the surface located at the bottom of the material forming the punch .
4. Tension
Tension is achieved under tension and bending moment interaction , so that the whole cross-section of all the bending tensile stress by a stamping process.
5 , bulging
Bulging is hollow pieces or tubular member radially outward expansion of a stamping process. Cut Cut the molding process is divided into several parts of a stamping process.
6 , leveling
Leveling is to improve the local or global parts planar flatness of a stamping process . Undulating shape
7 , undulating shape is to rely on the material to make the step to extend the formation of local depressions or raised parts stamping process . Change in the thickness of the material forming undulating non- intentionality , that is a small amount of change in the thickness of the deformation process is natural, is not designed to specified requirements.
8 , bending
Is the use of pressure to bend the material plastically deformed so as to be bent to a certain curvature , the shape of an angle of a stamping process .
9 , chisel -cut
Chisel cut using sharp edge of the chisel cutting die carried blanking or punching process . Chisel cut no lower die pad material just below the plate , the vast majority of non-metallic materials are washed 
10 hole punching
Blanking aperture hole is equal to or less punching process when the thickness of the material being washed .