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Precision Casting

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  • Release on:2014-11-26
Precision casting

Casting (precision casting), belong to special casting . Parts are generally obtained using this method do not need to be machined . Such as investment casting, pressure casting , etc. It is different with die cast aluminium buy aluminum window frame partsdie casting parts,etc.

Casting is casting method with respect to a conventional casting process terms . It can obtain a relatively accurate shape and a high precision casting . The more common approach is: First, according to product requirements designed ( to stay or not stay very small margin margin ) of the mold, with casting wax casting method to obtain the original wax ; repeat paint and sanding on wax
step -hardened shell and dried ; then the melted wax inside out , for dewaxing , to obtain the cavity ; fired shell mold to obtain a sufficient strength ; casting metal material required ; after shelling clear sand , to obtain high- precision products. Depending on the product needs or heat and cold .

Casting Process Design
As general casting process design , investment casting process design tasks :
( 1 ) analysis of the process of casting structure ;
( 2 ) a reasonable choice of technology programs, determine the relevant
parameters of the casting process , casting diagram drawn based on the above ;
( 3 ) take water system design , determine the module structure .

In considering these three issues , the main basis remains a fundamental principle of the casting process in general , especially in determining the process plan, when the process parameters ( such as casting rounded gradient mode dial , allowance , craft tendons , etc.) in addition to the specific characteristics of the data due to the investment casting process is slightly
different than , but exactly the same design principles and sand casting .