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7075 aluminum material

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-11-25
7075 aluminum alloy, a cold finished aluminum forging alloy, high strength , far better than mild steel . 7075 is one of the most powerful commercial alloys . General corrosion resistance , good mechanical properties and the anode reaction . Deep drilling , fine grain makes a better performance , tool wear , thread rolling different. Zinc is the major alloying elements 7075 , adding magnesium alloys containing 3% to -7.5 % zinc , and can form a significant strengthening effect of MgZn2, the effect of the heat treatment of the alloy is far better than aluminum - zinc binary alloys. Increase in zinc alloy , magnesium content , the tensile strength will be further improved, but its resistance to stress corrosion and exfoliation corrosion will fall . Subjected to heat treatment , can reach very high strength properties.7075 materials are generally a small amount of copper, chromium and other alloys, which the department in 7075-T651 aluminum especially the top grade , known as the best product in aluminum alloy , high strength, far better than any soft steel. This alloy and having good mechanical properties and the anode reaction . Representative uses include aerospace, tooling , machinery and equipment , fixture, especially for high- manufacture of aircraft structures and other requirements of strength , corrosion resistance and high strength stress structure.