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Low Carbon steel material

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-11-21
Low Carbon steel material

Low carbon steelmetal parts annealing organization ferrite and pearlite , lower its strength and hardness , ductility and toughness . Therefore, it can be cold formability good curling, bending, stamping and other methods of cold forming.

This steel has a good weldability . Low carbon steel of low carbon content is very low hardness , poor machinability , normalizing process may improve the machinability .Low carbon steel have a greater tendency to aging , quenching and aging both tendencies , as well as strain aging tendency.

When the rapid cooling from a high temperature steel , ferritic scraping carbon, nitrogen saturation, it can also slow the formation of iron carbonitride was at room temperature , and thus the strength of steel and the hardness , toughness and ductility and decreased , a phenomenon called quench aging . Even without quenching and low-carbon steel will produce air-cooled aging . Produce large amounts of low-carbon steel by deformation dislocations ferrite since carbon and nitrogen atoms interact with dislocations elastic , carbon and nitrogen atoms reign gathered around the wrong line .

Such a combination of carbon and nitrogen atoms and the dislocation line is called the age of Coriolis air mass ( KE lop air mass ) . It will increase the strength and hardness of steel and reduced ductility and toughness , a phenomenon known as strain aging . Than quench aging of low-carbon steel
ductility and toughness of the deformation greater harm , low carbon steel in the tensile curve has significant upper and lower yield point. Since the yield on the yield point elongation occurs until the end of the surface wrinkles appear due to non-uniform deformation band formed in the surface of the sample ,called Luders band .

Many stampings often therefore scrapped. There are two methods which prevent . A high pre- deformation method, the pre- deformed steel stamping place after a period of time will produce Luders band , so the pre- deformed steel stamping is placed before the time not too long . Another is in steel , aluminum or
titanium added to the formation of stable compounds with nitrogen to prevent the formation of deformation caused by aging Coriolis air mass .