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Thanks letter to my parents

Thanks letter to my parents

Nancy www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-26 15:23:08
Mom and dad, I know you are really getting older, I am love you so much, How hope you now can be happy to play, don't need do anything, but the reality is not allowed.

You have dedicated your whole life,and gave us what you have, gave this family, sometimes I think about it, you are really great, not exaggerated at all.You don't understand the knowledge too much, andy you are so diligent, use yourself hands,and let us have the good education;Don't understand the culture too many, but not a feudal superstition, let's have a democratic family.I admire your hardworking, bravery, tenacity, perseverance,just so, you created a miracle.

In my life, the most lucky is that I have you mom and dad.

Mom and dad,
Thank you, give me life;
Thank you, let me healthy growth;
Thank you, gave me a warm home.
Thank you, give me encouragement;
Thank you, give me support;
Thank you, give my trust.
Thank you, let me learn how to be brave;
Thank you, let me learn to strong
Thank you, let me learn to persistent;
Thank you, when I was wrong, forgive me, let me learn to tolerance;
Thank you, when I was rebellious, teach me, let me learn patience;
Thank you, when I was successful, instruct me, let me learn to modest;
Thank you, when I was wronged, there is a place to cry and nagging;
Thank you, and when my pain, one can rely on arms;
Thank you, when I despair, have a lamp that let me see the hope and the brightness of lamp;
Thank you, always care about me, care about me, love me,
You are my most favorite parents forever!