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Excellence is a habit

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-09-22

A spring night, people are sleeping, an elderly couple walked into a hotel, but the hotel is full.

The waiter at the front desk and she doesn't have the heart to let the old couple in the middle of the night to find the hotel, they will lead to a room: "maybe it's not the best, but at least you don't have to rush about again."

The old man saw neat and clean the house, and live happily.

The next day, when they were going to the checkout, the waiter said: "no, because you live is my room. I wish you a pleasant journey!"
It turns out that he himself at the front desk after a whole night.Was touched by the old man said, "son, you are the best I have ever seen the hotel operator. You will get a reward."The waiter smiled and gave the old man out of the door, turn round and then forget about it.

One day, he received a letter, there is a one-way ticket to New York, he indicated in the letter came to a resplendent and magnificent building.
It turns out that that he received in the middle of the night and his wife is a billionaire.Rich for the waiter to buy a hotel, and believe that he will be good management of the hotel.
This is the famous legend to manager of Hilton Hotel and his first.

Causation in fact in our own hands!
Master when no clear goals in life, is the heart ready now!

Everyone is a waiter, great people are continuously from the first service, how much a person's ability to serve others, the achievement of life have how much!

Person's life, destined to experience a lot.
On the way, may have the laughter of lang lang;On the way, may have wronged tears;Persist in the road, along;Road, dazed trade-offs;On the way, there is a confidence of success;Road, a failure of alert, each precious experience is doomed.Full of life because we heart selfless, the goodness of life is due to have a common heart.We don't have to write in an ornate style, as long as the steadfast work, a simple man.Your life will be very competitive!