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Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club

Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club

Nancy www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-21 21:48:53
As Asia's most outstanding championship golf club, Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club fortunately hosted the forty-first Golf World Cup final, make Chinese became the only outside of Japan held the "golf's Olympic" that the Golf World Cup Asian countries, players from around the world and was known as one of the best in the world the organisers and golf course.

Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club held the other competitions include 1995 and 1996 Volvo, Volvo Chinese tour of 1998 Asian match and Hugo Boss two of four matches, 1998 Johnnie Walker Super Tour and the 1999 OMEGA PGA championship. Each lane Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club are black, gold, blue, white and red 5 tees, respectively, for occupation senior amateur, amateur, beginner and women. Golf legend by the king Jack Ni Goss (Jack Nicklaus) design of the famous World Cup Stadium (World CupCourse) is the 1995 forty-first Golf World Cup venues, but also China first approved by the America PGA occupation competition venues. According to the world's top ten Golf newspaper readers vote, the World Cup Stadium seventh hole appeared in the "world's best 500 holes", and was also also as one of "Asia's best 24 holes".

The new Valley course (New Valley Course) is modified, specially invited in 2000 USA Masters (US Masters) champion branch (Vijay Singh), for the players to design more beauty, more challenging championship golf course. Spacious and lush fairways, beautiful lakes, vast and vast long sand barriers are branch of new design introduced by stimulation factor.

By Ozaki Shoji (Jumbo Ozaki) design Jun Ling Stadium (Canyon Course), is the embodiment of his reverence for nature, become an independent school in Asia, the towering peaks, dense forest hills and rolling fairways, perfect reproduction of the nature's spectacular. By Nick Faldo (Nick Faldo) at the hands of the stadium course (Stadium Course) is a challenge to both natural beauty and ingenuity design, will become Asia's most outstanding championship golf course. On June 28, 2001 the official opening of the Cape of Good Hope Stadium (Savannah Course) designed by another golf superstar Inny Ace, lined with trees, green grass as the design theme throughout the course, so players feel magnificent garden in the elegant, deeply felt Aspen home unique style of South africa. Cape of Good Hope court set the "beauty and the beast" in one, both beautiful scenery, and challenging, extremely difficult holes test player skill, daunting, but also itch for a try.

Club facilities include a unique code to practice all three holes, respectively, 3 hole, 4 hole and 5 hole, and true grass two with a length of 300 yards the practice field. A 9 hole golf course and all Cape of Good Hope Jun Ling in the stadium lights golf, open to the morning two when, will one day be playing time is extended to 20 hours, to members and guests enjoy the joy of golf.

An 300000 square foot club is Asia's biggest clubs, swimming pool, billiards room, squash hall, table tennis hall, children's play area, standard indoor sports centre and a basketball, volleyball, badminton and 5 man football match, the gym all adopt the latest "Cybex" equipment, after a day the movement, but also in the recreation center to wash away a tired, enjoy the wrapped body, foot massage, massage pool and beauty care. Besides the charming scenery and a complete entertainment facilities, clubs, there are a number of restaurants, offers Chinese, Western and oriental flavor Food for guests. Spacious meeting rooms and banquet hall to hold large-scale business conferences and activities. Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club from Hong Kong phase of Huanggang port only 30 minutes. Daily between Hongkong and the ball will be a shuttle bus to and from more than 100 flights, the convenience of guests from central Hongkong, Kowloon Tong, the ball will Xintian parking lot and Luohu ports to ball.