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Summerize from the meeting with customers who from Israel

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-09-20
Summerize from the meeting with customers who from Israel: 

1,Customers profile: Gilad and yishai is very good at talking, especially yishai. The client company mainly in designing and development of different styles of locks, including bicycle locks, package locks and the door locks, etc. Then they sell the copyright and patent design to other customers. The rights of both sides have to generation of production.
Their company has its own big stores. Gilad is their company's project engineer and designer, all the lock he desgined is very distinctive, a much wise Jews. He was very young, 38 years old, has three children, the biggest one is five years old.

2, Project conditions: the project the final surface treatment and final design still waiting for the final customers' decision. In order to test the quality of the sample, the client will try place the samples order for testing.

3,Customer perceptions of our factory: size of our factory, engineering team and test process are satisfied, if the price is right, the customer will choose us finally.

4,Feeling of myself: foreigners do things are very careful and responsible. Before they come to our factory before they will prepare all information, including assembly analysis, sample figure is always show us, make sure that understanding the design very well. From Gilad very worried that we are looking for injection molding factory don't fully understand his drawings, which he put forward his concerns, you can see that Gilad is very professional and responsible on his job.

5,Should be improve myself: professional knowledge, know more about the equipment, in order to better introduce to the customer; Need to concentrate, slightly distracted, can't capture the customer information;Oral English need to further improve and keep learning.