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Dove chocolate story

Dove chocolate story

Nancy www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-15 17:17:11
In 1919 the spring, Luxembourg royal ushered in charlotte princess succeeds, at the same time she has married bourbon family seed felix prince. As a royal kitchen cooks Leon busy after bad, all day long bowl chopsticks and plates, clean hands cracked a lot of cut, when he is with brine is swabbed wound, a girl came up and said to him, so must be very painful? This is the girl then influence of pattaya, Sally DE Leon life princess.

Two young people is thus met. No one is very fond of Leon met kind of pattaya Sally. Because of pattaya Sally just felix prince distant relatives and friends, so the royal family in position is very low, rare cate - ice cream, also wheel not in her to taste. So Leon whenever night he slipped into the kitchen, for ba Sally make ice cream, two people always tasting the ice cream side talk about the past, ba Sally has taught Leon English. Onset of puberty of sweet linger in the two young people's mind. However, in the honour low trenchant, because the conservative identity and the special situation, they who all did not say of the heart love, just silently will this affection buried in the bottom of my heart.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in order to make the Luxembourg throughout European position stronger, Luxembourg and Belgium concluded alliance, in order to strengthen the relations between the two countries, royal marriage become the best way, and selected is ba Sally princess. For days, Leon all could not see, he anxiously pattaya, Sally. Finally in after a month, ba Sally appear on the table, however, she has lost a circle, the whole people looked very distressed. Leon in preparation for dessert, in pattaya, Sally ice cream with hot chocolate written several English letter "DOVE" is "DO YOU LOVE ME" English abbreviations. He believes ba Sally can guess his voice, however ba Sally hair long stay until hot chocolate melts.

After a few days, ba Sally married. A year later, endure lovesickness torture, Leon left the royal kitchen, with heart after the dull ache, sadly came to the United States a fancy restaurant. Here's the boss very appreciate his daughter, also give me Leon. The passage of time, the family of peace, smooth career, and son's birth, were not can forever Leon deep within trauma. His mind did not escape his wife's eyes, her anger erupted, and sad to leave.

Leon since then has been single with their sons, manages his candy store. 1946 year, Leon seeing her son in chasing a car to sell ice cream of car, memory door immediately burst open. Since ba Sally left, Leon will never made ice cream. This Leon decided to past no for ba Sally complete research.

After several months of careful research, one rich cream, simultaneously is mellow chocolate ice cream appeared, package and was engraved the four letters. Son naive asked Leon "DOVE" (the virtuous fu) what that means. Leon said softly: is this ice cream name.

The virtuous fu of ice cream is rolled out is widely acclaimed. Meanwhile, Leon received a letter from one of Luxembourg letters, is a working partnership with chef wrote him a letter in which Leon that ba Sally princess had sent back ask his news, hope he could go to visit her, but he learned that he has gone to America. Due to the influence of the second world war, this letter to Leon's hand, has been late for one year and 3.
Leon through hardships finally hit pattaya, Sally. Pattaya, Sally and Leon at all is old, ba Sally weak lying in bed, once such as towards rippling eyes become overcast. Leon jump at her bedside, tears can't since the suppression dropped on on the back of her pale. Pattaya, Sally outstretched hand gently stroked Leon hair, with almost faint to couldn't hear the voice cried Leon's name.

Pattaya, Sally recall in Luxembourg, she really loves Leon, having been married, she hunger strike refused to united were kept a month, she knew their could never escape the fate of al marriage, besides Leon never said love her, nor any commitment. At the time, with the entire family women will break is to pay big cost. She finally can compromise to fate, but the condition is, hope can go back to WangGuan before leaving Luxembourg drink one afternoon tea, because she wants to be there with the Leon the final goodbye. She ate he gave her the chocolate ice cream, but did not see the melting of the alphabet.

Hear here, Leon sobbing, the past misunderstanding finally have the answer. But all too late, after three days, the ba Sally died off. Leon hear servant said, since the ba Sally married up, all day long sullen, causing disease pesters a body, in that he left Luxembourg and already in the United States after marriage, he YiBingBuQi.

Leon infinite doleful, if that year that ice cream on the hot chocolate don't melt, if ba Sally understand his voice, then she will change his mind with his elopement. If the chocolate is fixed, those words will never melt, he will not lose the last chance. Leon decided to build a solid chocolate, which can save more years.

After painstaking research, mellow unique DOVE chocolate finally made, every piece of chocolate was firmly engraved "DOVE", Leon in honour him and ba Sally that miss love, although it is bitter and sweet, sadness and touching, like a DOVE flavor.

Nowadays, dove chocolate had dozens of taste, each kind of love can in the realm of interpretation is this chocolate and hopes. More and more people around the world love because love is born, evolved from ice cream the virtuous fu. When lovers sent out the virtuous fu, it means sent out that softly LOVE ask: DO YOU LOVE ME? That's founders in remind every lover knows, if you love him (her), please promptly make love the people know, and remember deeply in love, don't give up.