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Learning from Forrest Gump

Learning from Forrest Gump

Nancy www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-13 22:55:18
Forrest Gump was a 75 IQ boy and considered to go to special school. But finally, he made success, he became a famous football star and war hero and national celebrity and a shrimp captain. Gump’s success is not because of luck, there are some potential personality that lend him to success way and we can absorb these important keys, good experience and spirit, like perseverance, single-minded, gratitude, living a positive attitude and so on.

“you have to do the best with that God gave you”, God treats everyone the same, Forrest was 75 IQ, but got a pair of scud and pure mind. Gump made full use his talent that god gave to him. He run across the Greenhow county, he run across the state of Alabama, across all over America. No particular reason, he just keep on going. He was so concentrated and focused on his goal, never, ever take his eyes off the ball.
He made success by running, he run to get into college and run to become a football star and got honor from present Kennedy.
So never complain yourself and get into negative life because of some tough difficult. As long as you insist to do what you want and have a little faith, you will live very happy with a satisfied result.

Treasure friendship and cherish love,
“Bubba was my best friend, I had to make sure he was ok.” In the war, he was reminded to jenny’s word to run away fast, when he was hit to find Bubba was not out. He went back to search his friend Bubba. Certainly in the gunfire it’s very dangerous, but Gump didn’t hesitate to back up until found Bubba.
In the end, He became a shrimp boat captain because he insists to accomplish his friend Bubba’s promise.
Being helpful, He saved Lieutenant Dan and help Dan got out of dark awful life, even Dan hates him to save his life from battle because he was supposed to sacrifice for his country not to be a disability with living off government tit. But Forrest don’t think too much, he just know he want Lieutenant Dan to be alive as try as his best effort. He is so pure and kindhearted.

“If there‘s anything you need, I won’t be far away” He said to Jenny. As we know Jenny was dropping very negative life at the beginning. But the motion of Gump to Jenny never disappeared and he never gave her up. He just wanted to save her by his deed persistently.
And he moved God also moved Jenny, Jenny reborn to get her new life. It’s Forrest, Forrest Gump, because he never gave up, because he knew to cherish. He saved his love, saved Jenny’s life.

Life was like chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Yes, that’s Mrs. Gump said to Gump. We all don’t know what will happen in your future life. But you must be known that you should have a single-minded heart, should be grateful to everyone who smile to you, and insist do want you want to live a positive life