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CNC machining processing

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My hometown-ZengCheng

My hometown-ZengCheng

naky www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-09 16:12:25
On 6th September 2014, I returned to a small village in zengcheng. Although here is very remote, not prosperous as city; But there are many people in this small village, and most of them are know each other. Every day people go to the market, they will greet each other, or ask about the price of the food or other thing to use, or talk about their new clothes, and so on.

The air is especially fresh at home, it feel cool and refreshing. I Like to move back and forth in front of the woods in the early morning. There are a lot of fruit trees near my home, litchi trees, longan trees, orange trees, sand pear tree and so on. Once the autumn harvest season come, my family will go to pick the fruit, and enjoy the fresh fruit together.

We also have a fish pond, there are many varieties of fish, sometimes we will make some metal rods ourselves, and sat next to the lake to fishing. Our parent bought the fished  and then put them in the pond,  they taste natural delicious.

Every time we are back at home, we can eat a big meal. I feel so happy.

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