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The Mid-Autumn festival legends - The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon

The Mid-Autumn festival legends - The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon

Nancy www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-09-03 12:02:19
Long long ago, There were ten suns in the sky. They land tan smoke, roasted Kujiao the crops, people also hot live. At that time, there was a man named Yi. His strength is particularly large, can pull kilograms treasure bow, shot serpent beast. And very sympathetic to the suffering of the people, he used full strength bow Nock, shot down nine suns breath. Finally, a sun scared recognize a mistake, Yi was leaving it, it spare, do more good for the people. Since then, Yi's name spread all over the world. He became everyone admired hero. Later, Yi married a girl named Chang E's wife, they love each other and live a happy life.

Chang E beautiful, hard-working, kind-hearted, she often put Yi hitting beast hunting, and give folks. One day, Yi hunt in the mountains, the road met a Taoist priest. Priests of Yi said: "You pesticides for the people, set a credit package I sent you a god.Drugs, eat half a pack if you will live forever; If all eat, they will become immortal heaven. "Yi the magic pill to take home, to Chang E custody he ready to find the right time, and Chang E sub eat this magic pill package, the couple live forever,
Never separated.

Yi shot after famous sun, there are a lot of people to him to learn martial arts. His disciples there is a man named Feng Meng, also told him to learn archery skills. Feng Meng Yi surface for very respectful, but a bad heart. He knew Yi's house hidden magic pill, secretly came bad idea. This year, August 15, and apprentice out hunting.

Evening, Feng Meng a person to sneak back, broke Chang E's home, forcing Chang E surrender magic pill. Chang E shouting, but Yi hunt has not come back, where they could hear? In order to prevent drug fell shameless hands of God Feng Meng, Chang E
Had to open the kits, the magic pill swallowed whole mouth. Suddenly, Chang E body felt as light as a swallow, can not help flying window drifts flew up into the sky. Chang E reluctant to leave their loved ones and their homes, she flew off the ground
Recent moon, and live in the Moon Palace Lane. 

After Yi home heard about it, and quickly went out to chase, but it was too late! I saw the moon in a vague shadow Chang E's. The villagers say that Chang E will come back, to persuade Yi patient. The next year August 15, Yi miss Chang E, To come up with Chang E's favorite fruit, put in the yard, but also made a round moon cake, said reunion mind, hoping Chang E back. Time after year after year, Chang E did not come back. Slowly, the world will have a feast of habit, every August 15, must be prepared to moon cake, fruit and other foods. Then there is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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