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The network war of 28 companies

The network war of 28 companies

naky www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2014-08-29 18:15:01
At 2 PM on 28th, August,2014, the network war of 28 companies was officially launched which organized by the company of shenzhen foresee. There were total 28 companies took part in this activity, although we do not manufacture the same products, some like metal mechanical parts, finished products, and the custom-made one. But we came to here with the same dream. This is a platform can display our ability. With a better vision, with our sweat, Let us looking forward to the full of harvest for our foresee website two months later.

This is a passionate afternoon, we are excited, we high cry our team name and team slogan. They all feeling to win, no matter blue team or red team. This is also a touched afternoon, all of us with tears in our eyes. We should confession and gratitude. We repent that why we slow down our the pace of progress; We repent that why we don't have a big courage to bold the step of our important step in our life; We repent why we can't realize our parent with our heart; We gratitude our parents, for their quietly pay and care all the ways; Thanks for our relatives and friends with silent support; Thanks for our leader,our boss ' guide and the bear; All of all, we need to feel and experience with our heart. While we are young, and we have the capital to do more for our parents, do not let our parents worry about more about us. Go home often, don't leave any regret on our parents. While we are young, please cry out our dream.

Every match, even if it is a small game. There will be lost or win. Lose is not terrible, The most terrible is a bad loser. We can lose. We need to find out the reasons from this failure, learn from the failure. Failure is the mother of win.
Team's victory, is the ultimate victory. It is the same if the team lost, not the problem of several people, but the whole team. Even there is a little small flaws, can also affect the results. Detail decides success or failure, the power of solidarity can be enough to defeat the opponent.

Through this startup conference, made me clear of my direction, more clear my goals, know more clear what I want!