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Excellent Staff

  • Author:Naky
  • Release on:2014-08-26
Our main products including CNC Machining Parts, Die-Casting Parts, etc. Our customers are from over the world, Such as Europe, North America, Europe and Asia, etc. Our products are well received by the many of customers.

To reward and motivate XY-GLOBAL employees, we summarize the performance of each one every month,
and then we vote the best staff for each month.

In July, our good staff in our company had came out, he is our team leader - Mr.Leo. People who are awarded as
excellent staff, he in addition to get a big gifts, there is a red envelope as well.

In order to become an excellent staff in August, all the staffs are doing best to achieve the best results.
In order to reach our goal, we must work hard and work hard, fighting, fighting, fighting, yes!